DIphoeniX/DJ DIphoeniX CHART performance [DISCOGRAPHY]

DIphoeniX/DJ DIphoeniX MP3CHARTS Stats
Songs US Soul Fusion Reggae Rap House GLOBAL
Meeting In My Bedroom 12 1 Top 50
One Woman’s Man (2008) 14 1 Top 60
Filthy Rich (Mekin’ Money) * 2 Top 85
X-Girlfriend * 2 Top 80
Girlz 4 1 2 15
Tha’ Ladies (a.k.a. Ms. Body) 7 2 20
* – Was not released in US

DIphoeniX/DJ DIphoeniX Solo Singles Videography [YOUTUBE]       YEAR SONG   Artiste(s) Label/Channel VIEWS on Channel VIEWS on Youtube STATUS   2007 2nite* DIphoeniX M.A.Y.E./tnX 1,900+ 25,000+ –       & DX07       2nite (Techno Remix)   DIphoeniX M.A.Y.E./tnX 900,000+ 1,600,000+ Platinuum       & DX07       Obvious*   DIphoeniX M.A.Y.E./tnX 448,000+ 475,000+ Gold       & DX07       Straight Happiness^   DIphoeniX M.A.Y.E./DX07 20,000+ 20,000+ –       & Aidonia                                       2008 Girlz   DJ DIphoeniX M.A.Y.E./RF876 100,000+ 100,000+ Hit     & DJ Dimitri                           DIphoeniX/DJ DIphoeniX Guest Singles Videography [YOUTUBE]     YEAR SONG   Artiste(s) Label/Channel VIEWS on Channel VIEWS on Youtube STATUS   2007 Blow*   Rick Ross M.A.Y.E./RF876 69,000+ 130,000+ Hit       Ft. DIphoeniX & tnX         & Dre                 Green Light   Beyonce Ft. M.A.Y.E./tnX 7,600+ 10,000+ –       DIphoeniX & RF876               Scream   Timbaland M.A.Y.E./tnX 28,000+ 40,000+ –       Ft. DIphoeniX & RF876         Keri & Nicole                 Tek Buddy Gyal   Vybz Kartel M.A.Y.E./tnX 71,000+ 71,000+ Popular       Ft. DIphoeniX & RF876                 This Is Why I’m Hot*   Mims Ft. Cham M.A.Y.E./tnX 28,000+ 130,000+ Hit       Jnr. Reid & Xth & RF876         DIphoeniX                               2008 Pulling Me Back   Chingy Ft. Tyrese M.A.Y.E./RF876 45,000+ 45,000+ Popular       Tony Matterhorn           & DIphoeniX                 One Woman’s Man   Shonie M.A.Y.E./RF876 6,100+ 6,100+ –     Ft. DIphoeniX               Tightest Punaany   Vybz Kartel M.A.Y.E./RF876 520,000+ 520,000+ Gold     Ft. DJ DIphoeniX             KEY The Main Channel is stated first with the other channel second   Hence “views from channel” refers to the channel stated first   tnX thenewXAVTHATHUGGIST   RF876 Reggaefusion876   DX07 DIphoeniX2007   Xth xavthathuggist   M.A.Y.E. Mad A Yaad Entertainment   * A CONSIDERABLE amount of views were lost due to various video deletions   ^ ALL views were lost due to various video deletions     1ncePopular 45,000+   Hit 100,000+   Gold 450,000+   Platinuum 1,000,000+   Classic 2,500,000+

~ by diphoenix on December 18, 2011.

One Response to “DIphoeniX/DJ DIphoeniX CHART performance [DISCOGRAPHY]”

  1. hey that ‘ONE WOMAN’S MAN’ it’s a baddddd song…it’s a number [1] in my book..it was number [1] song of the month on 305 miamihiphop, a couple a years ago , also number [1] on XM radio a couple a yrs ago, also it was playing on Dj daddy phats local unsigned radio station in west palm number [1] ..it is a real HOT SONG ..keep up the work Dj …you know whats hot..

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