DJ DIphoeniX’s top 20 Jamz – EVERY FRIDAY!!!..[the hottest songs on urban & pop radio] + updates on the Billboard Hot 100 & Jamaican Music Charts {March 18 – 24, 2011}

March 18 – 24, 2011

30. jar of hearts [christina perri] (25)
29. waiting for the end [linkin park] (30)
28. walking [mary mary] (29)
27. far away [marsha ambrosius] (-)
26. rocketeer [far east movement/ryan tedder] (18) {Pk:10}
25. did it on’em [nicki minaj] (-)
24. just can’t get enough [black eyed peas] (-)
23. black and yellow [wiz khalifa] (19)* {Pk:1(1wk)}
22. e.t. [katy perry/kanye west] (28)
21. no bs [chris brown] (16) {Pk:4}

20. i need a doctor [dr. dre/eminem/skylar grey] (23)
19. blow [kesha] (22)
18. rolling in the deep [adele] (21)
17. hey baby (drop it to the floor) [pitbull/t-pain] (15) {Pk:8}
16. pretty girl rock [keri hilson] (11) {Pk:4}
15. tonight (i’m fuckin’ you) [enrique iglesias/ludacris/dj frank e] (13) {Pk:5}
14. all of the lights [kanye west/rihanna/kid cudi] (20)
13. you be killin em [fabolous] (17)
12. what the hell [avril lavigne] (14)
11. grenade [bruno mars] (8)*~ {Pk:1(4wks)}
10. down on me [jeremih/50 cent] (9) {Pk:9}
09. fall for your type [jamie foxx/drake] (6)* {Pk:1(1wk)}
08. fuckin’ perfect [pink] (4) {Pk:4}
07. look at me now [chris brown/busta rhymes/lil wayne] (10) {Pk:7}
06. 6’7′ (6 foot 7 foot) [lil wayne/cory gunz] (3) {Pk:2}
05. fuck you (forget you) [cee lo green] (2) {Pk:2}
04. love faces [trey songz] (5) {Pk:4}
03. s&m [rihanna] (7) {Pk:3}
02. moment 4 life [nicki minaj/drake] (1)* {Pk:1(2wks)}
01. born this way [lady gaga] (12) {Pk:1(1wk)}

* – Former NUMBER 1 ‘jam’
~ – Nominee for ‘jam’ of the year(2010)
(#) – Previous Week
{Pk:#) – Peak Position (shown for top 10 peakers only)
RE – Re-entry (to the charts)

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HENCE songs are not deemed to have fallen off the charts UNTIL they are
OUTSIDE/BELOW the top 50 and NOT the top 30 broadcasted on air. This IS
reflected in the year end ‘jamz’ and explains partially why songs peaking
significantly lower than others may still finish ahead of them on the
year-end charts.

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NOMINEES FOR TOP JAMZ OF THE YEAR (no particular order):
firework [katy perry]
can’t be friends [trey songz]
grenade [bruno mars]

due to factors such as chart life (some songs from earlier in the year are
likely to beat some of these nominees which
charted in the later half of the year]

2007 – Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson, Sebastian & Doe “The Way I Are”
2008 – Snoop Dogg “Sensual Seduction (Sexual Eruption)”
2009 – Lady Gaga Ft. Colby O’Donis “Just Dance”
2010 – Kesha “Tik Tok”

2007 – Kim Kardashian
2008 – Stacey Dash
2009 – Delilah Strong
2010 – Bria Myles & Catalina Cruz {tie}

Maliah Michel
Keyshia Dior
Brooklyn Decker

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Julz Harris and her Family band
Julz, Jimmy James, Jeff, Jara, Janine – Harris Family, 5-time winners on Family Feud

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Reggaefusion (Reggae fusion)

Old Skool R&B/HIP HOP Joints

Classicz from early 2000s

Pop-Rock.Soft Rock hits from the Mid (& early) 90s

Hitz from the “POP ERA” (1997-2002)

F*** songs

ONE Hit Wonders (Late 90s to Early 00s)

by Richie B – host of “HOT MIX” on HOT 102 FM – Jamaica
Date : -+ March 18-24, 2011 +-


TW LW WOC Play Song – Artist – Label
1 1 19 Play the Tune ! Party Like It’s Your Birthday (2 wks @ #1) – Richie Loop, Busy Signal & D’Major – Scikron Entertainment
2 3 13 Play the Tune ! Caan Get Brown – Kiprich – Birch Hill Records
3 2 23 Play the Tune ! Nuh Love Inna Dem (2 wks @ #1) – I-Octane – Cashflow
4 4 17 Play the Tune ! Cake Soap (2 wks @ #1) – Vybz Kartel – Adidjaheim/Notnice
5 6 17 Play the Tune ! True Blessings – Toya – Downsound Records
6 7 9 Play the Tune ! When U Feel Lonely – Mavado – Daseca
7 8 13 Play the Tune ! If I Ever – Wayne Wonder – Singso Records
8 5 17 Play the Tune ! Stronger – Cham feat. Bounty Killer & Mykal Rose – Mad House
9 11 8 Play the Tune ! Talk Bout Me – Konshens – Subkonshus Records
10 13 6 Play the Tune ! Tings A Come Up – Buju Banton – Pure Music
11 9 23 Play the Tune ! Dumper Truck (2 wks @ #1) – Vybz Kartel – CR203
12 10 15 Play the Tune ! Jack Hammer – Aidonia – Equinoxx Production
13 12 20 Play the Tune ! Puff It (2 wks @ #1) – I-Octane – Cashflow
14 17 5 Play the Tune ! Look Pon We – Vybz Kartel & Russian – Head Concussion
15 16 7 Play the Tune ! Caan Talk Bad – Tiana – Subkonshus Records
16 14 19 Play the Tune ! Hot Grabba – Vybz Kartel feat. Popcaan – Adidjaheim/Notnice
17 19 4 Play the Tune ! Nuh Strange Face – Chan Dizzy – Head Concussion
18 20 3 Play the Tune ! Star Bwoy – Mavado – Chimney Records
19 15 16 Play the Tune ! Jamaican Girl – Danielle aka DI – UPT 007 Records
20 18 12 Play the Tune ! Turn Me On – Sean Paul – CR203
21 21 25 Play the Tune ! Stulla (2 wks @ #1) – Mavado – CR203
22 24 3 Play the Tune ! Now Yuh Si Me/Now U Don’t – Ovamars – Chimney Records
23 NEW 1 Play the Tune ! Dancehall Hero – Vybz Kartel – CR203 Production
24 NEW 1 Play the Tune ! Nuh Ramp Wid Wi – I-Octane – Cash Flow Records
25 NEW 1 Play the Tune ! The Almighty – Gramps Morgan – Pure Music

TW – This Week; LW – Last Week; WOC – Weeks on Chart
Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play


TW LW WOC Play Song – Artist – Label
1 1 27 N/A Love How You Touch Me (2 wks @ #1) – Elvis D – Listen Up Records
2 3 17 Play the Tune ! Come Back Home – Tom Laing – Top Tier Records
3 4 12 Play the Tune ! Times Like These – Queen Ifrica – 2 Hard Music
4 5 16 Play the Tune ! Bad News – Tony Anthony feat. Exco Levi – D’Maestro Productions
5 2 21 Play the Tune ! Hard Way (2 wks @ #1) – Ikaya – Outa Road Records
6 7 12 Play the Tune ! Thank You For Loving Me – Stevie Face – Penthouse Records
7 8 9 Play the Tune ! Lover’s Holiday (Breakfast in Bed) – Colin Levy aka Iley Dread – Kings Of Kings
8 6 16 Play the Tune ! You Are Me (2 wks @ #1) – Alaine – 1Thirty1 Records
9 10 8 Play the Tune ! Taking You Home – Romain Virgo – Penthouse Records
10 14 13 Play the Tune ! Forever & Always (7th Wonder) – Hezron – Whatage Music
11 13 7 Play the Tune ! Yea Though I Walk – Vybz Kartel – Human Rights Production
12 9 26 Play the Tune ! A Nuh So Mi Waan Live (2 wks @ #1) – Nesbeth – Jan Biggs Production
13 15 6 Play the Tune ! Way Back – Bobby Tenna – Wile Fiya
14 12 22 Play the Tune ! Rescue Me (3 wks @ #1) – Duane Stephenson feat. Gramps Morgan – VP Records
15 16 6 Play the Tune ! Lately – Lazah Current – Gorilla Music
16 11 14 Play the Tune ! Innocent – Buju Banton – Gargamel Music
17 19 4 Play the Tune ! People Talk – Etana – VP Records
18 17 35 Play the Tune ! My Life (2 wks @ #1) – I-Octane – DJ Frass
19 18 24 Play the Tune ! Dark Skin Girl – Romain Virgo – Penthouse Records
20 22 3 Play the Tune ! Casanova – Cen’C Love – Lyvestone Music
21 20 28 Play the Tune ! Comfort Zone – Busy Signal – Penthouse Records
22 NEW 1 Play the Tune ! Dem Nuh Don – I-Octane – Human Rights Productions
23 NEW 1 Play the Tune ! No Body Bags – Prophecy – Jah Alone Records
24 21 31 Play the Tune ! Tears (2 wks @ #1) – Kurt Warmington – Infidelity Records
25 23 28 Play the Tune ! Who Gave Di Order – Cerassie Tea – 2000 Plus Production

TW – This Week; LW – Last Week; WOC – Weeks on Chart
Sources: Sound Systems, Record Shops, Night Clubs & Radio Play

March 18-24, 2011

Radio: Weekly Countdown with Richie B Fridays 4:15pm to 5:00pm on Hot 102 FM
TV: The Top 10 is presented on TVJ's Entertainment Report (ER) - Fridays at 8:00pm



01  1 19 Party Like it's Your Birthday - Richie Loop, Busy Signal & D'Major - Scikron Entertainment (2wks@#1) NM
02  3 13 Caan Get Brown - Kiprich - Birch Hill Records U-1
03  2 23 Nuh Love Inna Dem - I-Octane - Cashflow (2wks@#1) D-1
04  4 17 Cake Soap - Vybz Kartel - Adidjaheim/Notnice (2wks@#1) NM
05  6 17 True Blessings - Toya - Downsound Records U-1
06  7  9 When U Feel Lonely - Mavado - Daseca U-1
07  8 13 If I Ever - Wayne Wonder - Singso Records U-1
08  5 17 Stronger - Cham/Mykal Rose/Bounty Killer - Mad House (pp#5) D-3
09 11  8 Talk Bout Me - Konshens - Subkonshus Records U-2
10 13  6 Tings a Come Up - Buju Banton - Pure Music U-3
11  9 23 Dumper Truck - Vybz Kartel - CR203 (2wks@#1) D-2
12 10 15 Jack Hammer - Aidonia - Equinoxx Production (pp#10) D-2
13 12 20 Puff It - I-Octane - Cashflow (2wkS@#1) D-1
14 17  5 Look Pon We - Vybz Kartel & Russian - Head Concussion U-3
15 16  7 Caan Talk Bad - Tiana - Subkonshus U-1
16 14 19 Hot Grabba - Vybz Kartel feat. Popcaan - Adidjaheim/Notnice (pp#6) D-2
17`19  4 Nuh Strange Face - Chan Dizzy - Head Concussion U-2
18 20  3 Star Boy - Mavado - Chimney Records U-2
19 15 16 Jamaican Girl - Danielle aka DI - UPT 007 Records (pp#15) D-4
20 18 12 Turn Me On - Sean Paul - CR203 (pp#18) D-2
21 21 25 Stulla - Mavado - CR203 (2wks@#1) NM
22 24  3 Now Yuh Si Me/Now U Don't - Ovamars - Chimney Records U-2
23  - New Dancehall Hero - Vybz Kartel - CR203 Production
24  - New Nuh Ramp Wid Wi - I-Octane - Cash Flow Records
25  - New The Almighty - Gramps Morgan - Pure Music



01  1 27 Love How You Touch Me - Elvis D - Listen Up Records (2wks@#1) NM
02  3 17 Come Back Home - Tom Laing - Top Tier U-1
03  4 12 In Times Like These - Queen Ifrica - 2 Hard Music U-1
04  5 16 Bad News - Tony Anthony - D'Maestro Productions U-1
05  2 21 Hard Way - Ikaya - OutAroad Records (2wks@#1) D-3
06  7 12 Thank You for Loving Me - Stevie Face - Penthouse U-1
07  8  9 Lover's Holiday (Breakfast in Bed) - Colin Levy aka Iley Dread - Kings of Kings U-1
08  6 16 You are Me - Alaine - 1Thirty1 Records (2wks@#1) D-2
09 10  8 Taking You Home - Romain Virgo - Penthouse U-1
10 14 13 Forever & Always - Hezron - Whatage Music U-4
11 13  7 Yea Though I Walk - Vybz Kartel - Human Rights Production U-2
12  9 26 A Nuh Suh Mi Want Live - Nesbeth - Jan Bigs Production (2wks@#1) D-3
13 15  6 Way Back - Bobby Tenna - Wile Fiya U-2
14 12 22 Rescue Me - Duane Stephenson feat. Gramps Morgan - VP Records (3wks@#1) D-2
15 16  6 Lately - Lazah Current - Gorilla Music U-1
16 11 14 Innocent - Buju Banton - Gargamel Music (pp#4) D-5
17 19  4 People Talk - Etana - VP Records U-2
18 17 35 My Life - I-Octane - DJ Frass (2wks@#1) D-1
19 18 24 Dark Skin Girl - Romain Virgo - Penthouse (pp#3) D-1
20 22  3 Cassanova - Cen'C Love - Lyvestone Music U-2
21 20 28 Comfort Zone - Busy Signal - Penthouse Records (pp#3) D-1
22  - New Dem Nuh Don - I-Octane - Human Rights Productions
23  - New No Body Bag - Prophecy - Jah Alone Records
24 21 31 Tears - Kurt Warmington - Infidelity Records (2wks@#1) D-3
25 23 28 Who Give Di Order - Cerassie Tea - 2000 Plus Production (pp#4) D-2



01  1 15 Black Gold - Duane Stephenson - VP Records (3wks@#1) NM
02  2 13 Reggae Evolution - Richie Stephens - Pot of Gold NM
03  4  8 Strictly the Best, #42 - Various Artistes - VP Records U-1
04  3 17 Reggae Jammin (Plus) Vol. 2 - Various Artistes -Tads International Records (2wks@1) D-1
05  7  4 Legacy - An Acoustic Tribute to Peter Tosh - Andrew Tosh - Box 10 Ent./Tuff Gong/Solomonic U-2
06  6  5 Free Expressions - Etana - VP Records NM
07  5 34 Reggae Gold - Various Artistes - VP Records (4wks@#1) D-2
08  9  3 Bushman Sings the Bush Doctor (A Tribute to Peter Tosh) - Bushman - VP Records U-1
09  8 20 Flip & Twist - Toots & the Maytals - D & F Music (3wks@#1) D-1
10 10 11 Strictly the Best, Vol. 43 - Various Artistes - VP Records NM



Katy Perry Dominates Digital Songs, ‘E.T.’ Climbs Hot 100

by Gary Trust, N.Y.  |   March 17, 2011 11:00 EDT

Getty Images

As Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” remains atop the Billboard Hot 100 for a fifth week — its entire chart run — Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream” becomes the first album to yield four No. 1s on Digital Songs, as “E.T.,” featuring Kanye West, flies 5-1 with 216,000 downloads sold (up 30%), according to Nielsen SoundScan.

“E.T.” follows “California Gurls,” the title cut and “Firework” to the Digital Songs summit. The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, Rihanna and Justin Timberlake had each previously posted three Digital Songs leaders from a single album.

On the Hot 100, “E.T.” charges 8-3 with Digital Gainer honors. Also fueling its Hot 100 advance is a 38-24 vault on Radio Songs (44 million audience impressions, up 32%, according to Nielsen BDS).


Katy Perry Gives Glimpse of ‘California Dreams’ Tour in New Video


Between Lady Gaga and Perry on the Hot 100, Cee-Lo Green‘s “F**k You (Forget You)” ranks at No. 2 for a fourth consecutive week.

Rihanna’s “S&M” dips 3-4 but claims the Hot 100’s Airplay Gainer award. The saucy song becomes her 16th top 10 (12-9) on Radio Songs (77 million audience impressions, up 22%), tying her with Janet Jackson for second-most top 10s among women in the chart’s 21-year history. Mariah Carey leads all artists with 23 top 10s on the radio airplay ranking.

Dating only to her first week in the Radio Songs top 10 July 2, 2005, Rihanna’s 16 top 10s outpace the amount of her closest female competitor, Beyonce, who has banked nine in that span.


Rihanna Discusses Father’s Betrayal, Pressures of Being a Role Model
Jennifer Lopez‘s “On the Floor” maintains its No. 5 Hot 100 ranking, while P!nk‘s “F**kin’ Perfect” slips 4-6. As previously reported, “Perfect” ascends to No. 1 on both the Pop Songs and Adult Pop Songs radio airplay charts.

Bruno Mars‘ “Grenade” falls 6-7 on the Hot 100 and Enrique Iglesias‘ former No. 4 hit “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You),” featuring Ludacris and DJ Frank E, rebounds 9-8.

Britney Spears‘ “Till the World Ends” powers 20-9 in its second week on the Hot 100, marking her 10th career top 10. Five of her last six singles, since 2008, account for half that sum. She tallied her first five top 10s between 1998 and 2007. After its first full week of retail availability, “World” bounds 10-5 on Digital Songs (158,000, up 36%). It jumps 68-47 on Radio Songs (26 million, up 56%), thanks in part to a No. 26 debut on Pop Songs.

Rounding out the Hot 100’s top bracket, Ke$ha‘s “Blow” drops 7-10, although it edges 28-27 (41 million, up 6%) on Radio Songs.

Sixteen songs enter the Hot 100, four of which belong to the “Glee” cast, including “Landslide,” featuring Gwyneth Paltrow, the chart’s Hot Shot Debut at No. 23. The troupe’s take on the classic song (115,000 downloads) spurs sales gains for prior notable versions by Dixie Chicks (17,000, up 897%), Fleetwood Mac (11,000, up 252%) and Smashing Pumpkins (1,000, up 151%).

The “Glee” cast also arrives with remakes of Joan Jett‘s “Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)” (No. 57), Neon Trees‘ “Animal” (No. 62) and Prince‘s “Kiss” (No. 83).


‘Glee’s’ New Directions, Blaine and Kurt Score Big at Regionals


Seether‘s “Country Song,” the first single from “Holding On to Strings Better Left to Fray,” due May 17, starts at No. 74 on the Hot 100. It concurrently blasts onto Rock Songs at No. 18 (5.2 million in first-week audience) and Rock Digital Songs at No. 6 (33,000 downloads).

Also new to the Hot 100 are Snoop Dogg‘s “Boom,” featuring T-Pain (No. 76), from the former artist’s forthcoming album “Doggumentary,” and Avril Lavigne‘s “Wish You Were Here,” an album cut from the singer/songwriter’s fourth studio set “Goodbye Lullabye,” which launches at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.


Lupe Fiasco’s ‘Lasers’ Lands at No. 1 on Billboard 200

R.I.P. to hip-hop legend Nate Dogg

G-Funk Legend Nate Dogg Dead at 41

Posted Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:29am PDT by Daniel Kreps in Amplifier

One of the most distinct voices of the G-funk era in hip-hop, rapper Nate Dogg, passed away yesterday, March 15th, the rapper’s family confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter. He was 41. Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel D. Hale, had suffered strokes in both 2007 and 2008, but his death has been attributed to “complications from multiple strokes,” his lawyer Mark Geragos said. Often recruited to adorn choruses in Death Row Records’ glory days, Nate Dogg exploded onto the music scene as Warren G’s gat-busting partner-in-crime on the hit “Regulate.” Nate also frequently collaborated with his high school friend Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Tupac Shakur, Eminem, and 50 Cent.

The biggest tracks to feature Nate Dogg, a four-time Grammy nominee, include Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode,” Ludacris’ “Area Codes,” 50 Cent’s “21 Questions,” Eminem’s “Shake That” and, our personal favorite, his own solo track “Never Leave Me Alone” with Snoop Dogg. In addition to appearing on every great rap album from The Chronic to Doggystyle to All Eyez on Me to Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Nate released three solo albums on his own. He also made the “Eastside Hotel” one of the most famous locales in hip-hop history.

“We lost a true legend in hip-hop and R&B. One of my best friends and a brother to me since 1986 when I was a sophomore at Poly High where we met,” Snoop Dogg said on Twitter. “You will always be with me forever and a day. You put the ‘G’ in ‘G funk’, you put the ‘1’ in ‘213’ and you put your stamp on everybody you ever did it with. I miss you because I am so sad but so happy I got to grow up with you, and I will see you again in heaven, because you know the slogan about ‘all doggs go to heaven.’ ”

Some of Nate’s greats:

“Never Leave Me Alone” featuring Snoop Dogg


“Regulate” with Warren G.


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Editor’s note: This morning Yahoo! ran an incorrect photo in its Front Page coverage of the death of Nate Dogg. Unfortunately, the wire service had misidentified him in that photo. It was corrected ASAP. Apologies — RIP Nate Dogg.

[Photo: Mark Sullivan/]


The Top 40 Adult Pop Songs

by Gary Trust   |   March 16, 2011 4:30 EDT

Top 40 adult pop songs banner

Fifteen years ago this week – in the March 16, 1996 issue – Billboard premiered the 40-position Nielsen BDS-based Adult Pop Songs radio airplay chart. To celebrate, our expert charts staff has compiled a new list of the chart’s top 40 hottest hits over its history. Scroll to the bottom of this page to read exactly how the Top 40 Adult Pop Songs (1996-2011) tally was tabulated.

While Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men’s ballad “One Sweet Day” led the inaugural list back in 1996, before long the weekly chart would routinely boast No. 1s from such eventual alternative-leaning format mainstays as Matchbox Twenty and Nickelback. Today, uptempo dance/pop from Katy Perry and P!nk has become as much a part of the format’s core texture.

The Adult Pop Songs chart “shows the variety of music that appeals to adults,” says Pete Cosenza, Columbia Records senior VP/promotion, adult formats. “You can see how so many of the format’s hit songs and artists are a big part of pop culture.”

From smashes featured on “Grey’s Anatomy” to “American Idol,” to some of the best-selling downloads of the digital era, this list captures the top 40 titles from the Adult Pop Songs chart’s first decade-and-a-half.

Count down from No. 40 to No. 1, as we recap the format’s biggest songs so far. And, to quote the cut that places at No. 19, “Sing along with every song” you know.

(Dissect the list and, as always, please share your thoughts in the comments section below). starting from #40 “who knew” and going to #1 “you and me”.


“Who Knew”

Alecia Moore gets the party started with the first of her five Adult Pop Songs No. 1s, a vaunted sum that ties her with Nickelback for most leaders in the chart’s history. She matches the mark with this week’s anniversary ascension to No. 1 with “F**kin’ Perfect.”
list divider

“Ever The Same”

Rob Thomas
Between his output as Matchbox Twenty frontman, a successful solo career and a monster duet with Santana, Thomas makes the first of his six appearances on the list, the most of any vocalist.
list divider

“Calling All Angels”

Train likewise makes multiple stops on our trip through the Adult Pop Songs archives. This song represents the band’s highest debut (No. 25, April 19, 2003) and went on to spend five weeks at No. 1.
list divider

“Bad Day”

Daniel Powter
The only debut single by a solo male on our format retrospective, the song languished in the chart’s lower regions until its usage as the 2006 “American Idol” contestants’ goodbye song (except for that year’s victor, Taylor Hicks, that is). In its 27th frame, the song began a 12-week reign.
list divider

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

Green Day
Largely considered too rocky for widespread adult pop airplay upon the band’s mid-’90s arrival, Green Day’s early hits like “When I Come Around” didn’t even reach the chart. As the format evolved to where pop/rock became its core sound, however, this song was a perfect fit a decade later, logging 11 weeks at the summit.
list divider

“Lonely No More”

Rob Thomas
Look who’s back already. The lead single from Thomas’ debut solo album “…Something to Be” spent 10 weeks on top beginning in May 2005.
list divider

“How You Remind Me”

Though the Canadian rockers didn’t reach No. 1 with this Adult Pop Songs chart introduction – it stopped at No. 2 for a whopping 19 weeks, the most frames at the runner-up slot for any title in the chart’s history – they firmly planted their format foothold. Two of their five No. 1s are ahead on the list.
list divider


Natasha Bedingfield
While self-empowerment songs have become common of late, thanks to tracks by Katy Perry (“Firework”) and P!nk (“Raise Your Glass,” “F**kin’ Perfect”), Bedingfield offered up similar encouragement with this smash. (She also boasts a higher peak with this song (No. 2) than her brother Daniel tallied with his lone format entry, “If You’re Not the One” (No. 17), in 2003).
list divider

“Use Somebody”

Kings Of Leon
Whereas “Sex on Fire” preceded “Use Somebody” at alternative radio, where both tracks reached No. 1, RCA waited for the latter, less titillating title to introduce the band to crossover audiences. The strategy worked: “Use Somebody” topped Adult Pop Songs for 11 weeks. The label came back to “Sex on Fire” at adult pop radio, affording the band a second top 20 hit (No. 18) at the format.
list divider


Goo Goo Dolls
The Buffalo, N.Y., band scored one of three hit singles from the “City of Angels” soundtrack with this swaying anthem. Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” led the list for seven weeks and Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” rose to No. 3.



“If You’re Gone”

matchbox twenty
While this ballad was the band’s third Adult Pop Songs No. 1, it served as the group’s breakthrough hit at Adult Contemporary, crossing over to a two-week stay at the summit after only “3 AM” had dented the latter chart (No. 25) in 1998.
list divider

“Love Song”

Sara Bareilles
Bareilles continued the tradition of artists ribbing their record labels for micromanaging their creativity. (All sides won, however, when this song spent nine weeks at No. 1). A decade earlier, fellow female singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb had similarly mined the subject for her biggest Adult Pop Songs hit, “I Do” (No. 3).
list divider

“Bright Lights”

matchbox twenty
Thomas cites the song as “one that I think we, as a band, were all particularly proud of. I go through different phases. But (that) one” – with its intimate imagery of leaving home and pursuing one’s dream – “always sticks out.”
list divider


Avril Lavigne
The early ’00s brought a wave of young female artists to the format, including Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton. Lavigne stood out for her pop/punk-leanings and tie-accented fashion sense, as well as a songwriting talent ranging from the carefree “Sk8er Boi” to the tender “I’m With You.” The now-26-year-old returns to the Billboard 200 this week with her fourth studio set, “Goodbye Lullaby.”
list divider


Colbie Caillat
Caillat earns the honor of highest placement on the countdown for a female artist. Her debut entry ruled for 13 weeks, marking the first of her five top 10s to date. Her latest, “I Do,” steps 22-21 on this week’s survey.
list divider

“You Found Me”

The Fray
The Fray sports its first entry on the ranking, its 12-week No. 1 from 2009. With two more songs ahead, the Denver-based band is the only act with three titles in the top 25.
list divider

“One Thing”

Finger Eleven
It’s unlikely that adult pop programmers would’ve been keen to play this song had the band kept its original name: Rainbow Butt Monkeys. After 15 years together, Finger Eleven broke through with this No. 2 hit. The No. 3 “Paralyzer” followed in 2008.
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“This Love”

Maroon 5
After arriving with the crunchy “Harder to Breather” (No. 15), the band roared to a 13-week reign with this follow-up, showcasing its more signature soulful pop/rock. Parent album “Songs About Jane” has sold 4.9 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.
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The Script
The Irish trio (which gregariously crashed a Billboard charts department meeting on an early U.S. visit) likewise peaked at No. 15 on its first try, with “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.” Also like Maroon 5, the Script followed with its first No. 1; “Breakeven” spent seven weeks on top beginning last May. The act’s “For the First Time” bullets at No. 7 this week.
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“She Will Be Loved”

Maroon 5
After “This Love,” Maroon 5 has reeled off eight more top 10s, including this 13-week leader and the four-week No. 1 “Misery” last year. Current single “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” could extend the streak; it rises 19-18 on this week’s chart.




Not to be confused with Rob Thomas’ “Someday,” which topped the Feb. 6, 2010, chart. Nickelback’s like-titled ballad ruled the March 20, 2004, list.
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Beginning with this nostalgic track, which spent 18 weeks at the summit, marking the group’s longest command, Nickelback has yet to miss the top 10. The No. 4 party anthem “This Afternoon” extended the band’s active streak to nine top 10s last year.
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Goo Goo Dolls
The highest-ranking song by the act with the most top 10s in the chart’s history – 14. Add an honorary 15th top 10 by including lead singer John Rzeznik’s solo No. 10 hit “I’m Still Here (Jim’s Theme),” from Disney’s animated sci-fi film “Treasure Planet,” in 2002.
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“Everything You Want”

Vertical Horizon
Formed at Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown University but central Massachusetts-based beginning in 1992, the band was honored when Worcester, Mass., Adult Pop Songs reporter WXLO (104.5) declared “Vertical Horizon Day” in 2000. In recent years, lead singer Matt Scannell has toured as a duo with ’80s/’90s vet Richard Marx.
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“The Reason”

Conservative adult pop DJs felt funny saying “Hoobastank” when this song first appeared on their program logs. (At least it wasn’t Rainbow Butt Monkeys). The song’s appeal was undeniable, however, and this power ballad from the California rock band topped the chart for 10 weeks.
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“All for You”

Sister Hazel
Like Molly Hatchet (no Molly), Jethro Tull (no Jethro) or Johnny Hates Jazz (no Johnny. Or, jazz, for that matter), there’s no Hazel in this still-actively recording and touring group. Sister Hazel Williams once ran a rescue mission in the band’s Gainesville, Fla., hometown. “In (the) spirit of unconditional concern for all beings,” the band co-opted her name, as it explained in the artwork of its 1997 album “Somewhere More Familiar.”
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“Here Without You”

3 Doors Down
The band established itself at the format with the uptempo “Kryptonite” (No. 4, 2000) and added the guitar buzz of “Be Like That” (No. 5, 2001) and “When I’m Gone” (No. 3, 2003). By slowing things down for this love song, 3 Doors Down topped the chart, for 13 weeks, for the first time. It scored its second No. 1, “It’s Not My Time,” in 2008.
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“Waiting on the World to Change”

John Mayer
Mayer holds the mark for most cumulative weeks spent on the chart for a solo male, 367. Oddly enough, Sheryl Crow has totaled the exact same sum to own the record among women. Matchbox Twenty claims the most total chart weeks (536) among all acts.
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“I’m Yours”

Jason Mraz
Mraz enjoyed a No. 4 peak with debut single “The Remedy” in 2003 but fell shy of the top 10 with four subsequent releases through 2005. He returned with his “happy little hippy song,” as he described it in 2009 when it became the longest-charting hit (76 weeks) in the Billboard Hot 100’s history. It adds the honor on this countdown of top-ranking hit by a lead solo artist. From Nos. 11 to 1, bands boast lead billing on each title.
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“Over My Head (Cable Car)”

The Fray
Six months before it peaked at No. 2 on Adult Pop Songs in a 53-week chart run, Billboard correctly predicted its success. “A timeless pop-rock smash that soars with lightness and ease,” praised the magazine’s review.



“Why Don’t You and I”

Santana feat. Alex Band or Chad Kroeger
The top 10 opens with a rather confusing artist credit. Why? Kroeger sang the version on Santana’s album “Shaman,” but Arista Records didn’t have the rights to release a song with his vocals. It, thus, enlisted Band, a member of the label’s group the Calling for the single edit. Santana and the Calling each appear ahead separately, as five acts claim credit on more than one track in the countdown’s top tier.
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“Hey, Soul Sister”

The most recently-released song in the top 10 topped the chart for six weeks beginning Feb. 13, 2010. With 5.2 million downloads sold, according to SoundScan, the song stands as the best-selling digital track by a rock group. (At 4.9 million, Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” ranks second in the category).
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“Chasing Cars”

Snow Patrol
A song that exemplifies the trend popularized in the mid-’00s of songs breaking at radio following their placements in TV shows. Fueled by its usage in the May 2006 second-season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the track reached No. 1 at last, in its 35th week, in February 2007. (Only the Script’s “Breakeven” – 36 weeks – took a more scenic trip to the summit).
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“How to Save a Life”

The Fray
“Grey’s Anatomy” also helped spur awareness for this hit, having featured it in its March 19, 2006, episode. A month later, fellow medical-based series “Scrubs” also fittingly incorporated the song into a touching storyline. By November 2006, “Life” had begun a 15-week stay at No. 1.
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“Hanging by a Moment”

Adult pop programmers have often looked to expose audiences to modern rock bands with a healthy dose of pop polish. After this track had led Alternative Songs for three weeks starting in January 2001, the song crossed to Adult Pop Songs. That June, it became Lifehouse’s first of two No. 1s on the latter chart.
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matchbox twenty
All four of the band’s No. 1s spent double-digit weeks at the apex, with this song leading the way (18 weeks, 2003). Matchbox Twenty leads all acts with a combined 54 weeks at No. 1.
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Santana feat. Rob Thomas
The highest-ranking song of the six on this list featuring Rob Thomas’ vocals. It additionally logged the longest stretch – 25 weeks – at the penthouse in the chart’s history. The track also spent 12 weeks atop the Hot 100, one of three titles on the countdown to have topped the big chart, joining those at Nos. 37, 34 and 17.
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“Wherever You Will Go”

The Calling
Following two albums, Alex Band and Aaron Kamin dissolved the Calling’. Band returned after a six-year recording hiatus, due, in part, to record company legal battles, as with last year’s solo “We’ve All Been There.” The title track is ‘almost like a mantra,” says Band. “‘Here I am … these scars on my hands… doing what I can,’ with this chorus behind me singing, ‘we’ve all been there.’ In a way, I was writing my own therapy.”
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“Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)”

Train pulls into the No. 2 spot on the format recap with its first of four No. 1s. The song’s standing as the chart’s runner-up to date is owed not only to its 14-week reign in 2001, but also its 75 total weeks spent on the survey – the most among the 1,681 songs that have appeared on the chart.
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“You And Me”

What better way to wrap the countdown than with a romantic waltz of a love song? Lifehouse earns the top spot on Billboard’s retrospective of the Adult Pop Songs chart’s first 15 years with this ballad that led the list for nine weeks beginning in July 2005. Following the No. 2 “Halfway Gone” and No. 6 “All In,” the band is charting a third single from “Smoke & Mirrors,” “Falling In,” which this week jumps 36-30.


Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs 15th anniversary retrospective is based on titles’ actual performance on the weekly Adult Pop Songs chart since the list launched the week of March 16, 1996.

Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at No. 40 earning the least.

To ensure equitable representation of the biggest hits from the past 15 years, time frames were weighted to account for differences in slower turnover rates during the chart’s earlier years, due, in part, to subsequent changes in recurrent rules.

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