STING 2008: Vybz Kartel VERSUS Mavado (SEE VIDEOS HERE) PLUS Other Happenings




Entertainment insiders say … STING CLASH WAS A DRAW

Francine Black, Staff Reporter
Left: Mavado in action at Sting. The crowd said he won, others say it was a draw. Right: Vybz Kartel says Mavado ran from the clash which is unfinished. – Nathaniel Stewart Photos

The clash was a draw. This seems to be the consensus among people within the entertainment industry, following the war of words between Vybz Kartel and Mavado at Sting on Friday night at Jamworld, Portmore, St Catherine.

Quite a number of those interviewed said both Kartel and Mavado were good in parts making it a draw. “Kartel was leading by a point or two until he said that part about the other artiste (Mavado’s) mother. You can’t disrespect somebody’s mother, especially at Christmas time,” Senior Superintendent Reneto Adams, security chief for Sting said.

“You know everybody have a soft spot for mothers at this time. So I would put it down to a draw.” He added that if Kartel had not done that he would have won the clash.

The clash seemed to be all in Kartel’s favour until he began talking about Mavado’s mother and this did not go down well with the Sting crowd, some of whom began to boo. Mavado capitalised on this and did a swift counteraction.

Too close to call

A statement sent by Carla Hollingsworth, public relations director for Supreme Promotions (promoters of the event), said the clash was even. “The clash was too close to call. It was evenly poised,” Isaiah Laing, head of Supreme Promotions said in the statement.

However, Nuffy, one of the MCs at the event, said the argument was not settled in his opinion because there were biases. “No one won di clash. Di clash was neva finish. You caan run away say you leave and call it say you win,” he said.

His first issue was the fact that Mavado’s entourage was on stage with him during the clash. He said his entourage were the ones who did the first set of booing against Kartel during his performance. In addition, Nuffy said the entourage was telling Mavado what to sing.


Nuffy also felt Vybz Kartel was put at another disadvantage because Mavado’s band, Anger Management, played throughout the clash. “Me is not Alliance nor an Empire man. Is not a friend ting. Mi nuh deh pan no man side. Dem break di rule,” he said.

However Laing said that Kartel has not complained to him about the issues raised, so he could not comment on them.

Miss Kitty, another MC at the event, also did not name a winner instead commending both artistes for putting on a good show. “Mavado stood his ground and Kartel put up a good challenge,” she said.

Most artistes also chose not to say who won. However General B from the Monster Empire said he gave the win to Kartel, although he would not say why. Laden also gave the edge to Kartel. “If someone have to lose I would say it was Mavado because he walked off the stage,” he said.

Bunca Line, a selector from Bloodline did not award any artiste the win, stating that it was more 50/ 50. In addition he said the clash was unfinished and so it was hard to declare anyone the winner.

As for another clash at Sting next year, Laing said he will have to wait and see. “The year will dictate if there will be clash,” he said in the statement.

Following the clash Mavado told THE STAR that he was the winner and is the ‘baddest’ deejay in Jamaica. Kartel however said Mavado ran out of lyrics and ran off the stage so he could not have won.

Hours after clash…Kartel records Sting song

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Vybz Kartel says Mavado ran from the clash which he says is unfinished. – Nathaniel Stewart

Hours after the clash between Vybz Kartel and Mavado at Sting 2008, Kartel has recorded a song boldly declaring that Mavado ran from the war.

Entitled Don’t Run (Last Man Standing) the song was recorded Saturday morning and was produced by Portmore Empire affiliated producer Not Nice. In the song Kartel dubs Mavado the ‘runner’ stating that the artiste ran before completing the clash.

When THE STAR contacted Kartel yesterday he said, “They can’t say they won war when, one, he deejayed one song twice, two, he called me barber when he turned instant idiot; three, he abruptly left the stage with the band, which is his band. I tested him on him own band and he failed so I built that song to remind him clashing is about the last man standing. Not the first boy running.”

In the song Kartel deejays:

“Di boy run like a wounded dawg, bruk Usain record,

don’t run barber boy don’t run,

The boy dress up like police an a run like thief,

don’t run barber boy don’t run –

we a di last man standing,

r…e s..t move the gully banking,

gwaan a di barber shop and trim, next year nuh do no more d—- Sting.”

The song continues:

“A pure big m…. Gaza man bring, me nuh coward like Bounty and him. Log on pon youtube watch di d—- film. Lisa Hype, barber boy embarrass him fans. Me can’t believe him run wid him fans, him bands, him sing one tune two time when teacha run out wid a million songs. Gaza shub out the casket so 2009 nuh mek nuh more plans. Weh yuh dress up inna police suit fah? Me never see nuh police man go war, me run out inna full camouflage.”

The song also points out that Mavado had members of his entourage on stage, this is despite the fact that prior to the event Sting promoter Isaiah Laing had told THE STAR that only select members of each artiste’s entourage would be allowed on stage.

In Don’t Run Kartel deejays, “Yuh bring 2000 man go Sting and a just shorty me bring, but when yuh see a bare tings, yuh run like Usain a Beijing – when me run out pon Jamworld Gaza, boy confuse turn fool get meagre, all a tell me say fi k… di barber. Di boy stamma when him see Mr. Palmer. When barber run out wid him fake g.. who a rail up like fans a stadium?

Kip Rich, Merciless in ‘stinging’ form – ‘Monster Flop’ gets thunderous boos at Jamworld

Mel Cooke, Star Writer

Kippo decimated the Monster Empire during his performance at Sting 2008, held on Boxing Day, Friday, December 26 at the Jamworld Entertainment Centre, Portmore.

Kip Rich is known as a playful deejay, but on Friday night at Sting he displayed a powerful ‘warring’ side to the huge crowd at Jamworld, Portmore, St Catherine.

And Merciless, confessing publicly that he was just returning from prison, dropped battle lyric after lyric and slang after slang for a howling crowd that had come to see “the settlement of all argument”.

While they did not see Kip Rich’s intended opponent, the ‘Monster Flop’ or ‘Monster Sprat’ crew as he renamed Monster Shack, did not face Kip Rich on stage.

The thousands at Sting booed them individually as they came out and then collectively until they left the stage.

“A war me come,” Kip Rich said when he came on stage close to 5 a.m., starting on General B first, then declaring “yu crew outdated like Lada”.

“Me prepare a million lyrics,” Kip Rich said and it seemed that he really had, as he unleashed many while demanding that ‘Monster Sprat’ step out and face him.

Thundered approval

As for Roundhead, Kip Rich deejayed “ask him if him eva see a pump action in action, him belly bus like a gas pan”. The crowd thundered its approval.

When Monster Shack, renamed Monster Empire, came up after Aidonia (who was clapped off the stage), Spice (with whom Vybz Kartel came out to do Ramping Shop) and Assassin (who put on an excellent show), the handclaps started before they even appeared on the stage. “A …… dem sen come war we?” one member demanded from off-stage before Ghost came out first to resounding boos. General B got the same treatment, as did Roundhead.

It did not help when General B said “Kip Rich waan war Empire, we no inna nutten wid him. A Bounty Killer me waan war wid”. The boos got even louder.

And to end it all, Roundhead said “me never beg Bounty Killer nutten, a him gi me him rims dem”. There were more thunderous boos to send them packing.

Merciless was up immediately after the Monsters, his voice heavy and clear as he was immediately into matters of war with “Cobra a b….s, Bounty a coward, Angel tek whe Beenie Man powers” and Jamworld erupted.

He semi-crooned that all who wanted the lyrical war should “bring you AK and your Bushmaster too”. For Ninja Man, Merciless said “him have 10 man a walk wid unda umbrella, waapen to Rihanna an’ Angella”.

“Yeah yah! De prison bud deh ya!” Merciless said. “A prison me a come from an me waan go back. Me a kill sitten tonight,” he said, every ‘sample talk’ having an impact on the crowd.

He said he had killed ‘Deadman Ballentine’ (Ninja man) from eight years ago before going retro to his late 1990s Len Out Me Mercy, then announced that “tonight a Ninja Man memorial”.

“Laing! But dis ya battlefield no crowdy! Sen out smaddy mek me get rowdy!” Merciless thundered and the crowd roared. The younger generation was not spared as Merciless deejayed “Munga Honourable fava horse, gi him a bridle”. As for Cobra, Merciless said he would “step inna him head squeeze out de poison”.

He left the stage but was called back to declare “me learn guerilla warfare a Nigeria”. Then he was off for the final time, saying “Laing, you disrespect me ya man. Me no see nobody fe dead. Me gone a me yard”.

The Monster Empire of Roundhead, Ghost and General B did not get a chance to defend themselves as the Sting crowd booed them off stage. – Nathaniel Stewart photos

Merciless was in fine form at Sting 2008, dissing every deejay he thought was a threat.

Female artistes wow crowd at Sting

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

Left: Danielle, aka DI goes hard in a hot pink number. Right: Stacious received one of the loudest forwards of the women at Sting. – Nathaniel Stewart photos

Prior to the ‘settlement of all argument’ between Mavado and Vybz Kartel at Jamworld Portmore last Friday, Sting 2008 was filled with short performances that elicited a few forwards and a few boos.

Members of the large Sting crowd were ready and raring to go in their usual demanding form as a variety of entertainers came out hoping for the best before the billed lyrical confrontation.

The ‘True Believers’ segment of DJ Nicholas and Goddy Goddy proved that even a Sting crowd could appreciate a little gospel music as the two deejays represented well for their musical genre.

The female trio of Timberlee, Natalie Storm and Tifa (TNT) represented for the women as they took the fashion trendsetters theme to heart with Tifa in a sexy nurse’s outfit, Natalie in a police outfit and Timberlee in black and white.

Most forwards

DI followed up in a hot pink number, the males at the front of the stage tried to take a peak under her skirt while she ‘beat it’ on stage.

Stacious received the most forwards in that group with Goodas Clap and Falling Down.

The singers in the early segment showed that a beautiful voice will always find a place in the Jamaican heart as Duane Stephenson, Hero, Nesbeth, Fyakin and others saw the lighters being lifted in their favour.

Black Judah and Sister Junie Platinum fell flat with the crowd, and the long-awaited return of Patra didn’t cause much of a stir. Decked in a cat suit, Patra’s youthful and sexy appearance moved a few males but her songs like Pull Up To Ma Bumper left the patrons wanting a change in direction.

Early artistes

Lady G was one of the few early artistes who got a number of forwards, singing along to a Christmas Carol she recited, “a beer war ting a gwaan a Sting – none of dem caan tek my stripes – all me know somebody a dead tonight at Sting.’

Lady G kept the crowd amused and entertained as did Wasp but Mikey Pelpa got booed after dissing the gaza, referring to it as ‘the plaza’.

Big Ship’s Chino called to the women with his Ruff It Up and told the men to keep the “things tall” before exiting with his biggest forward for Protected. Captain Barkey and Wickerman amused the crowd at first with antics about meagre men and fat men but overstayed their welcome.

Charly Blacks also headed for the women as they soon wined up to Bubble and Nuff Love. After entering the stage with a promising response to Winner, Konshens soon fell flat, appearing to not have rehearsed as he rushed through a line of one song before doing two lines about his ‘hand middle’.

The newest star who seemed to get the most response in that segment was Big Ship’s Laden. As soon as the rising star was announced and before he could start deejaying, persons started to cheer. They continued as he delivered Time to Shine and finished with I’m Sorry. Etana sang her way through a number of songs before handing over the reins to Queen Ifrica.

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